Filta Matix

One of the largest filter products suppliers and manufacturers in Southern Africa

HEPA Filters

Our HEPA filters are produced with absolutely no compromise to quality.

We have commissioned the most technically advanced, 5 axis servo driven minipleat machine as part of its HEPA filter manufacturing facility.

We manufacture locally, at a global standard to ensure competitive pricing and fast turnaround times.

Safety Cabinets

We have emerged as South Africa’s market leader in the development if laboratory safety cabinets.

All our cabinets are tested and validated by professionals with an international certification of competency and who have completed the ICS and/or CTCB-I training courses.


A proven technology in the fight against COVID-19 

Validated Efficacy against Bactericidal, Sporicidal, Virucidal & Fungicidal pathogens according to European standards

Air Handling Unit

Our experience in design, testing, and validation of cleanrooms, as well as a production line for world-class HEPA filter manufacturing facilities, led us to develop custom-designed Air Handling Units for critical areas where there can be absolutely no compromise for quality.