Laboratory Fume Hood

Superior containment of noxious fumes to protect the operator and the environment
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The FUMEX fume hood is a high performance, low flow fume hood engineered for safety and designed for ergonomics. Safety, performance and energy efficiency are the focal points which culminated in a world-class product.

  • 5° Slanted cabinet design improves visibility and minimizes glare.
  • Ergonomic design allows operators a more comfortable head position.

Internationally tested and certified

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Ductless Fume Hood

Internationally tested and certified for safety

Filta-Matix is the only local manufacturer which offers international compliance to both the American ASHRAE 110 – 2016 and European EN 14175 standards.

The FUMEX range of products have been subjected to stringent design and performance testing by Tintschl Bio Energie und Stromungstechnik Ag, Europe’s official test authority for fume extraction cabinets in Germany. Test results confirm compliance to EN 14175 part 3 at both standards and at energy-efficient, low flow operating conditions.

Fume hoods are safety devices designed to contain harmful pollutants and to protect the operator as well as personnel in the laboratory space. In the absence of international testing and certification to prove compliance, end-users assume the risk of breaching health and safety laws

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