HEPA Filter Housings

Positive Seal

HEPA filter testing procedures are clearly defined under EN 1822 and ISO 29463 international test standards. Every filter, without exception, must be subjected to
the most searching and stringent leak tests before declaring the product compliant and fit for use.

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DOP scan tests are 1000 times more searching when compared to particle count testing and the MPPS (most penetrating particle size) is in the 0.2-micron size range.

There can be no doubt of the required investment, commitment to quality management and know how to achieve the above.

HEPA filter housings and holding frames are equally important and often the primary reason why facilities fail cleanroom compliance tests. A single pin hole leak can result in catastrophical failure and because such leaks are not visible people and processes are placed at risk.

Positive seal cam lock or bolt lock housings, are pressure tested after manufacture. This eliminates the risks of filter to frame leakage. The design is engineered with compliance and validation in mind with absolutely no compromise to quality.

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