Filta-Matix has emerged as the South African market leader in the development of laboratory safety cabinets

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The design and performance has earned international test certification, demonstrating our commitment to safety and quality.

Over the years, the scientific community adopted internationally accepted standards and specifications to differentiate containment and air quality levels. Safety cabinet performance levels must meet the mandatory requirements to ensure the protection of personnel and / or product as well as the environment.

The engineering process and development included ergonomics to combat operator fatigue which could otherwise impact on delays in research and increased downtime.

Products of this nature simply have to make provision for simplified maintenance, testing and decontamination processes to ensure continued compliance in accordance with statutory requirements. This objective has been met in all instances.

Testing and validation will be conducted by professionals with international certification of competency and who have completed the ICS or CTCB-I training courses.

Biological Safety Cabinet 

Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinets


Laminar flow cabinet

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