Class II A2


“Engineered for safety and designed for ergonomics.”

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Design & Specifications





One-piece internal work zone with a large radius for easy and effective cleaning

The entire work surface and cabinet internals are produced from stainless steel with smooth radius corners for easy and effective cleaning.

Arm rests are elevated to prevent obstructing the air intake grilles whilst working.

All electrical controls and components can be accessed behind the hinged light canopy without entering the containment area.

Large usable work area due to strategically placed air intake and recirculating air grilles.

Anti-microbial epoxy coated external finish to prevent corrosion and enhance external cleaning.

Front grille is designed to allow the operator to work closer to the front of the cabinet for better arm position and less back strain.

Side and rear grilles for effective internal air recirculation


Biological safety cabinets are essentially enclosed ventilated laboratory workspaces. Designed to safely work with materials contaminated with (or potentially contaminated with) pathogens requiring a defined biosafety level. The technology first became available in 1950.

Ambient air is drawn into the front grille through high-velocity return air slots to create inflow without actually reaching the work surface. This eliminates any chance of product contamination. The inflow of air is combined with half of the downflow air to create an air curtain across the sash opening. In so doing, contaminated air from within the cabinet cannot exit the work zone which would otherwise place the operator and laboratory at risk.

The combined air stream travels through the double-walled cavity of the cabinet under negative pressure and through strategically placed grilles in the front and rear of the cabinet to the blower.

From the positive air plenum, 70% of the air will pass through the unidirectional HEPA filter into the work zone and 30% of the air will be exhausted to atmosphere through a separate unidirectional HEPA filter.

Simply put, particulate-free air is recirculated through the work zone whilst the exhaust air is exhausted in a clean.

True Laminar (unidirectional) downward moving air flushes the work surface at 0.30 m/s minimizing cross contamination.

A dynamic air barrier at the front of the cabinet separates the laboratory from the work zone environment at an air speed of 0.53 m/s.


Biological safety cabinets are safety devices designed to contain harmful pathogens and to prevent laboratory personnel from being exposed or infected by such pathogens. It is good to practise and logical that one must clean and decontaminate the cabinet workspace for the validity and quality of experiments and to protect personnel and laboratory spaces.


The use of UV lamps is a contentious issue because of the risks of UV exposure to personnel. The technology is however extremely effective because of its ability to destroy the DNA of pathogens. One cannot overstate the importance of following safe operating procedures if UV lamps are selected for decontamination purposes.
Neither should one substitute UV technology for good
cleaning practises.


UV lamps cover a wavelength of 100 – 400nm
and is divided into three bands:

UVA 315 – 400nm
UVB 280 – 315nm
UVC 100 – 280nm

Short wavelength UVC is the only effective disinfection choice to ensure positive results. The correct lamp is vital to ensure higher pathogen kill rates.


Hydrogen Peroxide at a concentration level of 12% in distilled water and spiked with 30ppm of colloidal silver is the world’s leading choice for automated air and surface decontamination.

Completely dry fog is created around a heating and ionising turbine that transforms and emits the Hydrogen Peroxide vapour into a non-corrosive, non-allergenic, biodegradable gas with absolutely no residue.

Trained technicians can perform the decontamination process in less than 2 hours or the equipment could be purchased outright by end-users if they choose to do so.


Bio Safe support stands have been ergonomically
engineered to provide operator comfort whilst
working in seated or standing mode.

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