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Filta-Matix unidirectional HEPA filters are produced with absolutely no compromise to quality. Any other approach would be unthinkable given the fact that this product protects people and is responsible for protecting processes where dangerous particles cannot be permitted to enter the air.

Used in the most demanding environments such as Cleanrooms, Laminar Flow Benches, and Biological Safety Cabinets and in industries such as Pharmaceutical, Nuclear, Microelectronics, Healthcare, and Biotechnology for instance.

Filter Design

Unidirectional HEPA filters are the most efficient, energy-saving HEPA and ULPA filter panels.

Unidirectional HEPA filters are available from class H13 to U17, with an MPPS of 99.5% to 99.999995%.

The media is pleated using PLC controlled media spacing technology for optimal airflow and best media performance. This proprietory technology ensures low resistance when considering static and dynamic differential pressure.

Intermediate hot melt separators ensure uniform pleat spacing and the ability to form a rigid self-supported media pack. The media pack is permanently sealed to the filter frame using a solid polyurethane sealant and protection grids are fitted to both sides of the filter.

The frame is made from heavy-duty, lightweight anodized aluminium with corner support for filter durability and long-term integrity.

Gel Seal

Continuous Seal

Flat Section Seal

Sustainability & Disposal

From a sustainability point of view, Filta-Matix unidirectional HEPA filters are an excellent choice because they are designed to last a long time.

When it is finally time to change the filter one must consider the disposal costs. Decontamination using Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour allows one to use standard instead of medical or hazardous waste disposal methods which save costs. A service offered by Filta-Matix which is concluded by the issuing of a safe disposal certificate.


The nominal air flow rate for any unidirectional HEPA filter can be calculated by using the following equation:

B x H x Rated velocity (0.45m/s) = airflow


610 x 610 x 69 filter size
0,61 x 0,61 x 0,45 = 0,167m³/s x 3600 = 602m³/s

The initial differential pressure at the rated airflow will remain constant irrespective of the filter size.



Each and every HEPA filter is factory tested to EN 1822:2009 and ISO 29463 standards without exception. The entire filter is scanned using a traversing CNC probe across the filter face to search for leaks and to measure filter efficiency in accordance with global standards.

The standard dictates that a mandatory test report has to be issued which depicts the following minimum information:

  • Date of test
  • Filter size
  • Test airflow rate
  • Differential pressure at test airflow rate
  • Local and overall efficiency at most penetrating particle size (mmps)
  • Filter serial number


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